Some events are hosted by the Integratron, and some are hosted by outside facilitators. 


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Planet Gong Concert at the Integratron

Sunday July 25, 2021 @ 11:00am & 2:00pm

Exclusive one-time event with limited tickets available, book soon!

Bathe in the sacred vibrations of the planetary gongs inside the Integratron Sound Chamber. The purpose of the Integratron is the rejuvenation of the human body, similar to recharging a battery. It is located in the intersection of powerful geomagnetic forces that, when focused by the unique geometry of the power-enhancing dome, will concentrate and amplify the energy required for cell rejuvenation.  It is recommended that you bring a sleeping pad / yoga mat, blanket, and a pillow for some Kundalini Yoga and Deep Relaxation.

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Sonic Geometry Events at the Integratron

Eric Rankin facilitates these very popular frequency events. You can participate in his ongoing “Sonic Geometry” experiments in the Integratron.

Sunday October 17, 2021, Sunday December 5, 2021

Please book EARLY, these sell out quickly!  All participants will be required to wear MASKS while on the Integratron property.

Each event begins at 11:30am with a caravan out to Giant Rock where, in 1953, aeronautical engineer George Van Tassel had a close encounter with interstellar travelers who commissioned him to build the Integratron. Following the caravan, you will have the opportunity to experience the Integratron as a sonically activated frequency machine. Very few people know that the bottom floor of this structure is where “cellular rejuvenation” was to occur, and Eric honors the original design and purpose of this vortex generator in the way that it was built. We believe his work delivers an in-depth experience of the Integratron’s energy field along with essential knowledge about energy, frequency and vibration.

During this session, you will also get the full back-story of the Integratron’s creation, a refresher course describing Sonic Geometry, and then experience very specific sets of electronic frequencies. You will be amazed by what this structure does with energy, vibration a

nd numerically perfect harmonics. Following a light dinner, you will get to hear organic frequencies in the domed sound chamber of the Integratr

on. After the tone session in the sound chamber, you will gather for a debriefing session before departing the grounds at 6:00pm.

As the discoverer of geometry’s relationship to musical harmonics, Eric has been featured on Gaia TV and History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series. He is also a featured presenter at Contact in the Desert, Star Knowledge Conference, Portal to Ascension and other popular conferences and festivals. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to delve deep into the mysteries of geometry, frequency and extraterrestrial contact!  Watch Eric’s Sonic Geometry video, Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form

The cost is $180 per person. For full details and to register for the Sonic Geometry events, please visit the Sonic Geometry website.