Sonic Geometry Events at the Integratron

Sunday December 4, 2022  11:30am – 6:00pm

Please book EARLY, these sell out quickly!  The cost is $180 per person. For full details and to register for the Sonic Geometry events, please visit the Sonic Geometry website.

Experience Sonic Geometry at the Integratron!
Researcher and author Eric Rankin has been hosting these incredibly popular full-day workshops here for over twelve years, and in that time his findings have been featured on numerous episodes of History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series, as well as on Gaia TV, Contact in the Desert conferences, TV and radio shows and podcasts. His “Sonic Geometry” videos have been viewed millions of times, and his groundbreaking discovery that geometry reveals mathematically perfect musical harmonics was made right here at the Integratron!

If you are interested in dropping deeper into the history of this incredible vortex generator and the forces of energy, vibration and sound, this immersive workshop is for you! Not only does Eric guide you through the process of his discoveries, he hosts a caravan out to nearby Giant Rock, where in the early 1950s a young aviation engineer named George Van Tassel made contact with an interplanetary collective known as Ashtar Command. During this encounter, Van Tassel was provided a very specific physics formula that not only inspired him to build this incredible dynamic frequency resonator, but reveals smoking-gun proof that we are truly not alone in the universe.

In addition to the informative field trip out to Giant Rock and a hill made entirely out of white quartz crystal, this workshop includes an informative short lecture, an electronic sound frequency session in the lower portion of the dome (which Van Tassel imagined as a “cellular rejuvenator”), and concludes with an organic crystal bowl sound bath in the beautiful wooden sound chamber upper level of the dome.

Thousands of people have experienced this unique event in the past 12 years, and it sells out very quickly. Eric Rankins’ work has attracted the attention of top-level scientists, researchers, physicists, and sound engineers all over the world and we’re sure you will be fascinated by this immersive experience!

IMPORTANT!  This event is not hosted by the Integratron, so please do not call or try to book your space through our office or website. Feel free to call Eric directly at 714-812-5464 with any questions you may have regarding this truly incredible event. We limit this workshop to 33 people. Feel free to bring a sack lunch and water container to take some of our Joshua Tree Aquifer water home with you! Layered clothing, hats, sunscreen, comfortable shoes and umbrellas are also strongly recommended. In addition, our gift store featuring crystals, artwork and Integratron clothing and swag will be opened for a brief period during the day.

Schedule of events:
Sunday Itinerary:
($180 per person)

Arrive at the Integratron at 11:00 AM & no later than 11:30 AM

12:00pm: Caravan approximately 3 miles to Giant Rock, Crystal Hill, Airstrip.

2:00pm: Return to Integratron for light meal and access to Integratron gift shop.

3:00pm: Sonic Geometry lecture followed by electronic frequency session.
5:00pm: Organic “Sound Bath” experience in upper dome of Integratron.

6:00pm: Leave Integratron.

Note: Your drive home should be no longer that 2.5 hours to virtually anywhere in So Cal.



The Golden Density – Performance for BOXO10x10 

Saturday November 19, 2022.  Two Showings: 6:00pm & 7:15pm

The cost is $45 per person, open to those 18+. 

Celebrate BOXO’s 10th anniversary at the Integratron!

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As two artists with backgrounds in Music and Anthropology, Caroline Partamian and Ethan Primason work to explore the dimensionality of audio through the relationship between sound and space. Specifically, they are curious about the psychoacoustic properties and placeness of sound. Through their work, the artists explore concepts of architecture, transmission, acoustics, and ethnography through a creative and technological approach to audio.

For Boxo10x10, Partamian and Primason have designed a performance using the architecture and history of the Integratron to further explore the relationship between the space’s function as both an idealistic spiritual totem and highly functional acoustic space. Using architectural plans and drawings from Van Tassel’s “Proceedings of the College of Universal Wisdom” Partamian and Primason have constructed a series of sound sculptures and instruments to bring these two realities together in a series of short performances.

Caroline Partamian is a sound and visual artist influenced by her training in dance. She works closely with the concept of abreaction – the extraction of dormant memory stored within a muscle, resurfaced through physical movement, of which an individual was previously unaware. By focusing on the process rather than anticipated result, her work encourages what can be revealed when one becomes conscious of their kinetic movement in the process of creation. She has shown work at ISSUE Project Room, Art Quarter Budapest, Wassaic Project, Otion Front, Flux Factory, Anthology Film Archives, Marfa Open, Babycastles, Compound Yucca Valley, and more.
Artist Website:

Ethan Primason is a sculptor and sound artist. His work has been shown at Pioneer Works, Sargent’s Daughters, Marinaro Gallery, Zaha Hadid 520 W 28th street, Outpost Artist Resources, Wassaic Project, Clocktower Radio, Marfa Open, and WGXC Wavefarm.
Artist website: