Purchase Sound Bath Recordings

Hear the Integratron’s Signature Experience at Home

Now you can purchase professional surround-sound recordings of the Integratron Sound Bath experience as high-quality 320Mbps MP3 sound files.  Immerse yourself on-demand, from wherever you are.

Each download includes 2 tracks; first is a brief introduction to the Integratron and the quartz singing bowls, with an explanation of why this sound experience is so incredibly unique, relaxing, and healing.  The second track includes a focused guided meditation, followed by an approximately 40-minute Sound Bath using our 20 quartz bowls.  All tracks are performed by the same Integratron sound therapists giving Sound Baths here each day.

Before purchasing, you may listen to a short sample of each (see below).  PLEASE NOTE: we highly recommend the use of earbuds or headphones while listening to these recordings.

Download Sound Bath Recordings

Integratron Sound Bath - Pathways

Sound Bath: Pathways

Join Karly (working Physicians Assistant, and daughter of Patty, one of the co-owners of The Integratron) in a journey through sound. She will take you down the pathways of consciousness, and show you how the binaural beats of our new twenty-two quartz crystal bowl set will heal your mind and body.

Integratron Sound Bath Breathe

Sound Bath: Breathe

Rose is the Integratron's most recent sound therapist addition. She has quickly become part of the family, and her natural ability in playing the bowls will expand your world with every listen. Join her for a short breathing exercise, followed by a lovely serene session of our new twenty-two quartz crystal bowl set.

Integratron Chakra Sound Bath

Sound Bath: Chakra Meditation

Join Integratron co-owner and co-creator of the Sound Bath; Joanne.  She will guide you through an overview of your chakras, and explain how each note we play during the Sound Bath corresponds to each energy center in your body.

Integratron Healing Sound Bath

Sound Bath: Healing

Nancy, co-owner and co-creator of the Sound Bath, provides a beautiful guided meditation focused on healing.  The Sound Bath is then powerfully performed by Drayton.

Integratron Gratitude Sound Bath

Sound Bath: Gratitude

Joe (son of Joanne and sound therapist at the Integratron) provides a meditation and Sound Bath focused on love and gratitude; and how shifting our focus to gratitude can have amazing benefits for our state of mind.

Integratron Compassion Sound Bath

Sound Bath: Compassion

Kristine (daughter of Nancy and sound therapist at the Integratron) provides a meditation and Sound Bath focused on love and compassion; both for ourselves and each other.  She discusses the importance of truly caring for ourselves as well as we do for our loved ones in times of need.

The Integratron Musical Recordings and Pre-recorded Musical Sound Recordings Featuring Music Made By Persons Playing Crystal Bowls In The Integratron Is Protected Under United States Patent and Trademark Office, Reg. No. 4,585,413

All rights reserved.  Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Please DO NOT meditate while driving.

Karly performing Pathways at the Integratron

Pathways: Karly

Rose performing Breathe at the Integratron

Breathe: Rose

Joanne at the Integratron

Chakra Meditation: Joanne

Joe performing a Sound Bath at the Integratron

Gratitude: Joe

Kristine at the Integratron

Compassion: Kristine

Drayton with Nancy

Healing: Intro by Nancy
Soundbath by Drayton